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Family Lawsuit

Cases involving family relationships are sensitive and require the assistance of an attorney with experience, understanding and expertise in this area, especially when children involved. We can assist you to deal with or resolve any family-related issues, including:

  • Divorce by consent and divorce without consent.
  • Marital Property
  • Child support (Custody – Spousal and Child Support)
  • Child Registration
  • Child Adoption
  • Wills
  • Heritages
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Labor Lawsuit

We help employers to comply with the numerous employment provisions required by the employment law in Thailand, including social security, provident fund, and income tax, to name a few. We can also draft employment agreements for all levels of the hierarchy to match your need and save you from unnecessary risks when working relation turn bitter.

We are able to represent companies in front of the Labor Board or Labor Court. We also help employees fight for their rights, privileges, and benefits at any level. We take great pride in boasting a near-perfect record when representing clients in front of the labor board and the labor court.
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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Not just presenting a case to the court, we have a game plan to save your time, relations, and resources. Our team can design and find the most suitable strategy of how to proceed with a dispute and give our client an alternative resolution in their best interest from strategic negotiation, mediation to arbitration.

If it is inevitable, we are best in representing and advising clients in civil lawsuit, criminal lawsuit, labor lawsuit, family and heritage lawsuit, international trade dispute, intellectual property dispute, including debt collection, debt negotiation and execution.
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Corporate and Commercial

We are proficient in providing legal advices and transactional assistances, commercial and legal parameters, and practically applicable framework and timeframe to various kinds of particular business transaction. This part of our services is included but not limited to preparation of legal documentation, contract reviewing, contract drafting, business license and investment promotion certificate acquiring, corporate structuring, disposal of real estates, joint-ventures, merger and acquisition, commercial registrations, VAT and tax identity registration, factory and machinery registration, company limited and public company limited shareholder meeting arrangement in compliance with related laws and regulations, and legal due diligence. We also provide the services on any kind of licenses or permits submission to Thai governments, e.g. FDA (Food and Drug Administration), TISI (Thai Industrial Standard), restaurant license, and gambling license. more

Visa, Work Permit, and Notarial Service

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Translation of Legal Document

Our practiced lawyers are well acquainted with technical and stylistic features of legal terms and vocabularies suitably proficient at providing services of translation of legal documents of any kind. more

Real Estate and Construction

The company provides consulting and procuring real estate for living or doing business, either plots of land, ...Read more


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GP Justice is a small-sized law firm providing an extensive range of legal services to international and local clients. At GP Justice, we serve our clients with not only the highest quality of legal advice and representation in every discipline of the law but also eagerly providing to our esteemed clients with an atmosphere of warmth, compassion, cordiality and true understanding in order to ensure the most effective resolution of the matters brought forward to us.

At GP Justice, we provide to our clients with the best possible protection of the rights and legitimate interests which includes but not limited to our professional legal assistance in achieving the specific needs and goals of our clients and for the successful resolution of their problems in a timely manner, as well as reliable legal services of high quality to legal entities, negotiating with companies and individuals and legal representation before the Thai courts and government bodies. Our lawyers are more than willing to answer to any legal inquiries you may have in an open-minded manner to appropriately resolve your problems and to strengthen your business with a competitive edge. Please be assured we ensure that our partner and all associates possess suitable expertise and experience in the area of law responsible and that all our services will meet your inquiry and interest.

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GP Justice is led by Mr. Itthichet Chokworasethakun, Managing Partner.

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Mr. Itthichet’s, who has a versatile legal expertise but he is outstanding in litigation and dispute resolution in criminal, commercial, labor and bankruptcy matters. Prior to joining GP Justice, Mr Itthichet was an in-house counsel for a publicly listed company for nine years and thereafter held leadership role in reputable international law firms to lead litigation and corporate law sections. His expertise includes but not limited to providing legal advices and recommendations on civil and criminal cases, general business negotiation and agreements, corporate and commercial transactions including rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Stock Exchange. Mr Itthichet obtained his LL.B. from Chulalongkorn University and has been admitted to practice in Thailand since 1998. He is a member of the Lawyers Council of Thailand and Thai Bar Association.

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Mr. Chatchawal Horayangkura, the partner who has high expertise is on dispute resolution and strategic negotiation. He also practices in general commercial law, asset management, and secured transactions. His long service in governmental organization enables him to also keenly advise on governmental relations, governmental procurement, international trade law and international law. Mr. Chatchawal obtained his Bachelor of Law, Chulalongkorn University (with Honors), Master of Law (International Law) from George Washington University and Indiana University, and Barrister-at-Law from Thai Bar Association